Security Assessment

Secure your business with Alchemy’s comprehensive security assessment, aligned with industry best practices and compliance requirements. Identify vulnerabilities, measure control effectiveness, and assess potential risks across all business facets.

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Are you ready for the next cyber attack?

Stay ahead of cyber threats with Alchemy’s robust security assessment. Our evaluations align with industry-leading standards such as NIST and SANS Institute. We identify vulnerabilities across your people, processes, and technology, providing an in-depth view of your business’s security landscape.

The Process

Security Assessment | Alchemy Technology Group


Identify every vital component of your tech infrastructure. Then, diagnose all sensitive data that these components create, store, or transmit. Subsequently, we will generate a distinct risk profile for each asset.

Security Assessment | Alchemy Technology Group


Evaluate identified security risks for critical assets, then strategically allocate resources for risk mitigation. Our assessment methodology will link assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and controls.

Security Assessment | Alchemy Technology Group

Mitigation Plan

Establish and enforce controls for each risk, while aligning with industry-leading standards. We pinpoint vulnerabilities and strengthen your security landscape.

Security Assessment | Alchemy Technology Group


We recommend tools and processes to minimize threats and vulnerabilities, providing a comprehensive view and enhanced control over your security landscape.

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Top Security Partners

Alchemy partners with the top cybersecurity solutions. We have experts who can help give any enterprise a cyber risk management plan.

Alchemy Security Assessment Offerings

Don’t leave your business exposed. Our security assessments delve into the effectiveness of your security controls, helping you pinpoint areas of potential loss if a vulnerability is breached.

Prevent future exploits, enhance security, and align with industry best practices. Alchemy’s security risk assessments are an urgent call to secure your business. Secure your organization’s future – Take action today!

Vulnerability Assessment​

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our vulnerability security assessment. We evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities and ensuring you’re well-equipped to combat evolving cybersecurity risks.

Risk Assessment

Our risk security assessment service allows Alchemy’s security engineers to scrutinize your system configurations, offering tailored recommendations to align with the latest best practices. We quantify risk and potential loss, taking into account your asset value.

Penetration Testing

Experience the power of our penetration testing service where we perform “ethical hacking” to uncover hidden vulnerabilities like poor passwords and chain-of-trust issues, effectively simulating potential internal or external attacks on your network.

Compliance Assessment

Our compliance security assessment service identifies data security gaps, aids in resolving issues, and ensures you meet regulatory requirements. We confirm adherence to key standards.

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Okta Health Check

Boost your security with Alchemy's Okta Health Check, ensuring your Okta environment aligns with top practices. Our consultants deliver a bespoke report with tailored recommendations for best practices and secure configurations. Outcome includes a detailed roadmap for your Okta journey, aligned with business goals.

M365 Security Workshop

Boost your Modern Workplace with our tailored M365 Security Workshop. As you migrate to Microsoft Office 365, we address challenges like BYOD, collaboration services, telework, and compliance. Our expert consultants guide your cloud rollout with a security-first approach, ensuring data protection and business success.

Identity Strategy Workshop

Elevate your business with Alchemy's Identity Governance. Enhance efficiency through automation, smart budget management, and compliance with regulations like GDPR, SOX, and HIPAA. We provide expert guidance on managing risks and improving access management for your organization.