Managed Services


Alchemy Managed Services aims to help small to medium business or large enterprises, deliver IT services in a more cost effective and reliable manner.

It is our goal to augment and improve on your current operational practices in order to maximize end user satisfaction, improve business agility, enhance security, and leverage upon industry best practice. Alchemy Managed Services can provide service across many solutions that are difficult to hire or maintain staff such as emerging technologies. Alchemy provides companies with the ability to scale up on new technologies without adding additional staff or adding additional workload to already overworked internal IT resources.

Services Description

Alchemy Managed Services provides traditional IT administration, monitoring, and support services. These services can include management of specific technologies, areas of customer environments or be responsible for management of the entire infrastructure. In accordance with solution best practices, Alchemy Managed Services provides our customers with the necessary technical expertise and business intelligence to perform the function. This service will be staffed by a team of resources with the necessary skill sets to manage your environment.


Alchemy Managed Services will perform the day-to-day administration essential to maintaining an optimized environment. The service will include everything from managing permissions to configuration management to patching to securing the environment.


Alchemy Managed Services will resolve any issues, providing visibility into the resolution process as we track, troubleshoot, and resolve each issue. We will also analyze the root cause to prevent issues from recurring. In addition, the service will also perform health checks that will proactively avoid issues from occurring.


Based on our in-depth knowledge of our customer environments, Alchemy Managed Services is available to perform customized consulting services to further enhance their environment.

Monitoring and Alerting

This is a proactive service that optimizes and helps prevent issues in the managed environment based on device and application performance.