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Nutanix and Alchemy offer efficient, secure multi-cloud solutions, blending public and private cloud benefits for on-premises and hybrid systems with unified, AI-driven management.

Alchemy + Nutanix

Nutanix offers an innovative hybrid multi-cloud platform that simplifies cloud infrastructure and management, supporting diverse workloads across private, public, and edge clouds with expert guidance and implementation services from Alchemy.

Alchemy is your trusted partner for Nutanix integrations, no matter what industry, use case, or level of support you need.

  • Get the hybrid flexibility your organization needs—whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both.
  • Meet the needs of your modern workforce—and keep costs in line with the business
  • Create your ideal multi-cloud architecture while meeting the needs of the business use cases

Alchemy is the leader in Nutanix implementations. You can trust our experts to deploy any Nutanix scenario that aligns with any hybrid cloud scenario.

Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud | Alchemy Technology Group

Nutanix Architecture & Design

Migrate from VMware to Nutanix

The VMware to Nutanix Migration offers a strategic opportunity for businesses aiming to enhance their virtualization and cloud infrastructure. In the wake of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, this responds to concerns among VMware users about the future of their IT infrastructure. Nutanix is a viable alternative, proposing significant cost reductions in migration and operational expenses during the transition. Alchemy and Nutanix can highlight the platform’s strengths with resources like informative infographics, detailed white papers, and migration eBooks, clearly positioning Nutanix as a superior choice over VMware.

Nutanix’s migration strategy is carefully designed to mitigate potential risks from the Broadcom acquisition. It includes options such as shifting VMware operations to vSphere on the Nutanix Cloud Platform, thus minimizing operational changes while ensuring a rapid and smooth transition to Nutanix’s AHV hypervisor. Nutanix offers a built-in hypervisor, AHV, and various strategies for immediate migration needs to ensure uninterrupted operations and enhanced performance. This focused approach by Nutanix not only promises a seamless transition from VMware but positions the platform as a future-proof solution for evolving cloud and virtualization requirements.

Nutanix & Citrix DaaS

Nutanix offers a robust solution for Citrix VDI, enhancing the Hybrid Multicloud End-User Computing experience. This integration facilitates access to virtual apps and desktops from any device, anywhere. It features a user-friendly plugin architecture and compatibility with key Citrix components, ensuring scalability for various business sizes. Nutanix emphasizes cost efficiency and promises a quick ROI, catering to diverse business needs with a focus on security and seamless operation.

End-User Computing Support

Nutanix’s End-User Computing (EUC) solutions deliver seamless virtual app and desktop access from any location, supporting a true hybrid multi-cloud model. It emphasizes rapid, secure deployment, enhancing performance and security while offering efficient, predictable cost management. These solutions ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, supporting diverse users and workloads. Many customers trust Nutanix’s EUC solutions for their reliability and performance.

Nutanix Test Drive

Here’s your chance to get hands-on experience with the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Nutanix Service Offerings

Alchemy professional services enable companies to design and deploy Nutanix integrations quickly.


Alchemy Technology Group’s award-winning approach leverages expert virtualization engineering and strong industry partnerships to deliver top-notch Desktop as a Service experiences, earning high customer satisfaction and multiple accolades.


Streamline multi-cloud operations and achieve optimal performance with Alchemy’s Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Our experts help navigate the complexity of managing data and applications across multiple clouds, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.


Expert solutions in IT optimization, strategic alignment, and technology deployment ensure your business stays ahead. Discover our tailored approach to achieving your objectives.


Alchemy’s TSM program brings industry-leading subject matter expertise, a cross-platform perspective, and a proven engagement methodology to ensure your organization is getting the most out of your technology.

Friction-Free EUC with Citrix on Nutanix

End-User Computing (EUC) with Citrix on Nutanix delivers a friction-free experience, enhancing remote work with seamless access and simplified management. This combination provides a scalable and secure infrastructure, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices and networks.

Why Alchemy?

As the 2022 Nutanix Momentum Partner of the Year, Alchemy provides exceptional multi-cloud solutions, fusing Nutanix’s cutting-edge technology with our market-leading expertise. Our alliance guarantees robust security, streamlined simplicity, and superior performance. With AI automation and one-click management, we ensure your business thrives on-premises and in hybrid environments. Choose Alchemy and Nutanix for a proven, cost-effective strategy that propels your operations into the future.

Additional Services

  • Nutanix Calm Deployment
  • Nutanix Central
  • Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)
  • Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure
  • Nutanix Cloud Manager
  • Nutanix Cluster Deployment
  • Nutanix Database Service
  • Nutanix Disaster Recovery
  • Nutanix ESX to AHV conversion
  • Nutanix Files Migration
  • Nutanix Flow Workshop
  • Nutanix Unified Storage
  • Application Mobility
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Citrix on Nutanix
  • Databases on Nutanix
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Edge & ROBO
  • End-User Computing (EUC)
  • Hybrid Multicloud
  • Private Cloud on Nutanix
  • Sizer Configuration Estimator

8 Reasons Nutanix Surpasses VMware

Explore the benefits of Nutanix over VMware through our comprehensive “8 Reasons Nutanix Surpasses VMware” guide. Nutanix stands out with its unified HCI architecture and cloud-integrated solutions, backed by industry-leading support, for a seamless and efficient hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Nutanix VMware Migration | Alchemy Technology Group

Additional Nutanix Resources

Question & Answer | Alchemy Technology Group
Why Nutanix?

In the dynamic world of IT, simplicity and efficiency are key. Nutanix leads the charge with its cutting-edge hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), breaking down traditional silos and merging compute, storage, and networking into one streamlined solution. This innovative approach simplifies your data center operations and seamlessly integrates diverse IT environments, making Nutanix an ideal partner for the complexities of the digital age.

Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) redefines your IT strategy. Starting with a robust HCI core, it unifies essential IT components, offering scalability and reliability to support your cloud-native applications. Tailored for your unique business needs, NCP empowers you to construct a flexible, efficient hybrid multicloud environment. It combines the agility of public clouds with the security of on-premises infrastructure, ensuring your IT infrastructure is not just operational but future-ready.

Step into the future with Nutanix and embrace a unified IT platform. Renowned for reducing complexities, Nutanix enables seamless management of applications and data across multiple clouds. With its globally trusted platform, Nutanix ensures efficient, cost-effective hybrid multicloud environments, focusing on your business growth and innovation. Discover the Nutanix difference today and revolutionize your IT landscape.

Why Nutanix for EUC?

Nutanix is a trusted name in the EUC solutions market, supporting millions of end users across thousands of customers globally. With over a decade of innovation, Nutanix was a trailblazer in the HCI space and quickly became a standout choice for EUC solutions. The platform is renowned for its ability to simplify and secure hybrid multicloud EUC operations, ensuring both end-user and business safety.

The advantages of choosing Nutanix EUC solutions are clear and impactful. Users experience enhanced productivity thanks to superior performance at scale, coupled with a staggering 97% faster provisioning time. Financially, the benefits are equally impressive: a $42.1 million net present value over three years and a quick payback period of just 8 months. This efficiency and cost-effectiveness make Nutanix a compelling choice for businesses looking to optimize their EUC operations.

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines compute, networking, and storage into a single distributed platform deployed in clusters and powered by an intelligent software layer that can be deployed quickly, scaled seamlessly, and managed effortlessly. Separate tiers of servers, storage networks, and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacenter that easily scales with your business.

What Does HCI Have To Do With Making My Datacenter More Like the Cloud?

The concept of private and hybrid clouds isn’t novel, and there have been previous attempts to implement them. However, traditional infrastructure, relying on scale-up storage and large-scale deployment, hampers their effectiveness. Replatforming the enterprise datacenter is essential to enable genuine cloud capabilities. Scale-out storage, crucial for a reliable datacenter, maintains data locality and paves the way for cloud integration. Modern HCI technology, known for its web-scale architecture adaptability, is now leading in cloud construction. It streamlines cloud development and management processes.

Choosing the right platform is critical for a successful cloud transformation. Look for platforms that offer rapid deployment, scalability, and hassle-free updates and recoveries, without compromising reliability and security. Remember, HCI platforms vary in quality.

HCI stands as a key element for a cohesive cloud platform, blending private, hybrid, and multicloud strategies into one. This approach offers comprehensive control, simplified management, and operational efficiency, all accessible through a unified interface. It features one-click operations, smart automation, and constant availability. Nutanix exemplifies this ideal platform.

Give Me One Good Reason To Let Go of My Current Infrastructure?


Investing in HCI may seem substantial, but it’s minor compared to the escalating costs of upgrading traditional SAN environments. HCI can greatly reduce expenses associated with multiple vendors, software licenses, specialist fees, rising power and cooling costs, the necessity to purchase excess capacity, and the costs of storage provisioning.

Technical Simplification

Datacenters and their management have become increasingly complex with the accumulation of silos, racks, servers, cables, hypervisors, varied management interfaces, and shelfware. HCI streamlines your datacenter, combining essential components, shrinking the physical footprint, and allowing management of the entire infrastructure through a single interface.

Cloud Readiness

As IT landscapes shift towards multicloud, legacy infrastructures fall short in supporting a successful hybrid multicloud approach. HCI is designed to bridge this gap, aligning with modern cloud demands.

Redefining the 80/20 Rule

Typically, 80% of IT budgets are consumed by basic maintenance, leaving only 20% for innovation. HCI changes this dynamic by facilitating automation, self-service, scalable payment options, and freeing up time for valuable business initiatives.

Is There a Difference Between ‘Converged’ and ‘Hyperconverged’ Infrastructure?

Converged Infrastructure (CI) offers a novel approach to acquiring traditional infrastructure, usually involving pre-integration by vendors or Systems Integrators. However, CI still relies on hardware-centric components and doesn’t address the organizational silos or issues inherent in traditional infrastructure.

On the other hand, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) revolutionizes infrastructure design, acquisition, deployment, management, and expansion. It operates on standard hardware with the core functionality embedded in software. HCI is built from scratch to automate laborious IT tasks, while offering deep insights and control over the system.

These architectures are fundamentally different, leading to significantly varied results in terms of business agility, application availability, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

How Exactly Does HCI Scale Easier Than Traditional Infrastructure?

HCI solutions, akin to public cloud services, allow IT teams to start with their current requirements and incrementally scale to match application needs exactly. HCI offers a seamless way to expand your infrastructure with modular units, aligning with your business’s growth. In contrast, traditional infrastructure requires each component to be individually tailored. Storage, for instance, is set up in large, complex arrays that can become less efficient as more applications are added. Once these arrays reach capacity, the only solution is to add another bulky array, which must be managed separately. This situation often forces IT teams to forecast needs for 3-5 years to avoid such complications.

Does ‘Hyperconvergence’ Just Mean Hardware Resource Consolidation?

No, hyperconvergence creates a feature-rich, scalable storage infrastructure. Functions like deduplication, compression, snapshots, and replication, typically found in storage arrays, are available in HCI but implemented through distributed systems technologies in software rather than specialized hardware. Moreover, HCI offers comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring of your cluster’s performance through a unified management interface. The collocation of storage and compute in HCI also enhances application performance.

Can I Just Manage My Current SAN Through HCI?

Accessing SAN storage from an HCI environment is feasible, but it doesn’t streamline your operations. Adopting HCI renders your SAN unnecessary, eliminating a whole layer of complexity. Instead of dealing with storage arrays, possibly from various vendors which demand diverse skills, your storage integrates seamlessly into your virtual infrastructure with HCI.

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