The Layered Defense Approach to AD Security

Semperis and Alchemy develop and implement comprehensive AD cyberattack preparedness and response. Together, we provide expert guidance to protect Active Directory before, during, and after an attack.

Alchemy + Semperis

Semperis is the world’s leading Active Directory cybersecurity expert.

Active Directory is the #1 attack vector in the cybersecurity threat landscape because it’s a lucrative target for cyber criminals. As the primary identity service for 90% of organizations worldwide, AD provides user authentication and access to business-critical applications and services. An AD compromise can cause weeks of downtime. Organizations that don’t adequately protect AD are likely to end up paying ransom to restore data and resume business operations.

Semperis is the pioneer of identity-driven cyber resilience for enterprises. Together with Alchemy, we can offer breach preparedness and response services, combining insights from battle-tested Active Directory (AD) security and incident response (IR) experts with industry-leading solutions for preventing, remediating, and recovering from AD attacks. These services allow you to tap into Semperis’ expertise before, during, and after an attack so that you can benefit from our team’s decades of combined experience responding to cyber incidents.


AD Preparedness & Response Services

Preparedness Services

Stay ahead of attackers with expert breach preparedness services, including comprehensive programs to uncover security weaknesses in your AD infrastructure and improve your overall security posture.
  • Active Directory Security Assessment (ADSA)
  • AD Threat Mitigation
  • AD Disaster Recovery Planning and Exercise

Response Services

With 100 years’ combined Microsoft MVP experience in directory services, our team has firsthand insight into where the problems are in the case of an AD attack, along with deep experience and expertise in AD clean-up, risk mitigation, and threat remediation. The team’s collective experience ranges from designing, configuring, and securing Active Directory to vulnerability research and red team penetration testing. Our team also helps organizations recover Active Directory from ransomware and insider threat attacks.

  • Cyber-first AD recovery
  • AD incident investigation and attack forensics
  • AD threat removal


Semperis Service Offerings

Alchemy professional services leveraging Semperis will provide guidance to protect Active Directory before, during, and after an attack

Active Directory Security Assessment

The Active Directory Security Assessment (ADSA) gives you a clear picture of your AD security posture and a roadmap to address exposures at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Our AD security experts use interviews, questionnaires, and various automated and manual scanning tools to conduct the assessment.

Attack Directory Threat Mitigation

This service helps organizations prevent and prepare for an attack. Developed for Semperis Directory Services Protector (DSP) customers, this service includes an annual Standard Active Directory Security Assessment, periodic attack surface reduction sessions, and tailored optimization of DSP, Semperis’ Gartner-recognized AD threat detection and response solution.

Why Alchemy?

Together with Semperis, Alchemy Technology Group consults with organizations to design and architect identity-centric cybersecurity solutions using top security platforms. Our solutions maximize investments and enable secure, low-friction workplaces. Alchemy’s cybersecurity practice focuses on designing and implementing secure identity-based solutions. We have expertise in evaluating, planning, and deploying solutions to secure corporate networks, cloud environments, data and applications.

Alchemy and Semperis identify, understand, and remediate AD threats by assessing your current environment and developing a strategy to secure it.

Additional Services

  • Active Directory Health Check
  • Active Directory Disaster Forest Recovery
  • Active Directory Migration & Consolidation
  • Active Directory Threat Detection & Response
  • Active Directory Breach Forensics
  • Active Directory Change Auditing & Rollback
  • Active Directory Backup & Recovery
  • Recovery for Azure AD
  • Purple Knight for AD Security Assessment
  • Forest Druid for Tier 0 Assessment
  • AD Attack Surface Reduction
  • Breach Preparedness & Response Services

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