Identity Strategy Workshop

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Better Access Management

Alchemy has developed a comprehensive Identity Strategy Workshop to evaluate and accelerate your current and future Identity and Access Management business objectives.

As organizations continue to adopt public and hybrid-cloud, a well-defined identity strategy is critical to realize cost optimization, increased security, and operational efficiencies.

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Assess, Design, and Document

Alchemy will work with your team to evaluate the current state and build a road map for success. 

Identity Workshop

Alchemy will conduct a design session to review the following:

Workforce Identity and Access Management

  • Access Management Scenarios
  • Single Sign-On & Multi-Factor
  • Authentication Scenarios (B2B)

Identity Governance and Administration

  • Identity Lifecycle
  • Entitlement Management
  • Audit/Reporting/Compliance

Privileged Identity/Access Management

  • Endpoint
  • User/Service Accounts
  • Remote Access

Project Documentation

Alchemy will provide the following deliverables as part of this engagement:

Gap Analysis
Alchemy will review the information gathered during the discovery phase and develop a comprehensive gap analysis that identifies areas that will need to be addressed in order to implement a fully mature Identity program. Alchemy will review the gaps from both an operational and security perspective and will cover people, process, and technology. Each gap will be classified based on the criticality and a detailed recommendation will be provided.

Road Map
A road map will be developed that outlines the components that should be implemented to meet the requirements of the Identity program. This will include process implementation, staffing recommendations, and technology solutions that should be reviewed to determine if the technology will meet both current and future business objectives. This road map will take into consideration any constraints discovered during the engagement and can be used for scheduling and budgeting processes.

Why Alchemy?

In addition to winning 4 Okta Partner of the Year awards, Alchemy was awarded the Apex badge, representing the highest program tier in the Okta Elevate Partner Program and demonstrating the maximum level of expertise and commitment to Okta’s products and solutions. Apex partners work closely with Okta to deliver customer success – often with Identity at the heart of larger customer initiatives.
Alchemy Okta Partner of the Year

Additional Services

  • Workforce and Customer Identity and Access Management Integrations
  • Single Sign-On: Integration with Cloud and On-Prem applications
  • Secure Directory Integrations
  • Life Cycle Management: Integration with Cloud and On-Prem applications
  • HR as a Source
  • Okta IdP Integration with Custom Applications
  • Okta API Integration
  • API Access Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Integration
  • Mergers and Acquisitions