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Ensure the integrity of your Citrix environment with Alchemy’s Citrix Security Health Check. Alchemy can transform your Citrix environment into a stronghold of security. Tackle the most pressing threats head-on, from app jailbreaking to malicious script execution. Our strategic mitigation techniques, rooted in the latest Citrix and Microsoft hardening guides, are your blueprint for a resilient and secure network. Leverage our expert-led approach and fortify your infrastructure against lateral network movement and other sophisticated cyber threats.

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Assess, Secure, and Document

Alchemy will work with your team to evaluate the current state of your Citrix infrastructure, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and build a security roadmap for success.

Citrix Security Health Check

Alchemy’s Citrix Security Health Check will conduct an assessment and review the following:

Top Potential Vulnerabilities Assessed:

  1. App Jail Breaking: Prevent unauthorized app access within Citrix.
  2. Malicious File Execution: Stop downloads and execution of harmful files.
  3. PowerShell Script Abuse: Block harmful scripts executed via Citrix.
  4. Network Lateral Movement: Halt unauthorized network traversal.

Alchemy’s Mitigation Strategy:

  1. Audit & Recommendations: Review current security setups and propose robust measures.
  2. Security Testing: Validate all security enhancements thoroughly.
  3. Client Collaboration: Work closely with clients using Citrix and Microsoft’s hardening guides.

Enhanced Security Measures Reviewed:

  • Tighten user permissions and apply the latest patches.
  • Utilize group policies to restrict OS and app access.
  • Implement AppLocker and Windows Defender ASR rules for heightened control.

Further Actions for Consideration:

  • Employ MDR or XDR solutions for advanced threat detection.
  • Update PowerShell and enforce Constrained Language Mode.
  • Secure administrative accounts and monitor for suspicious activities.

Project Documentation

Alchemy will provide the following deliverables as part of this engagement:

Gap Analysis
Alchemy will review the information gathered during the discovery phase and develop a comprehensive gap analysis that identifies areas that must be addressed to harden any Citrix environment. Alchemy will review the gaps from both an operational and security perspective and will cover people, processes, and technology. Each gap will be classified based on the criticality, and a detailed recommendation will be provided.

Road Map
A road map will be developed that outlines the components that should be implemented to meet the Citrix security health check requirements. This will include process implementation, staffing recommendations, and technology solutions that should be reviewed to determine if the technology will meet current and future business objectives. This road map will consider any constraints discovered during the engagement and can be used for scheduling and budgeting processes.

Why Alchemy?

Alchemy Technology Group is not just a Citrix Platinum Partner with three Citrix Partner Awards; we’re your ultimate resource for transformative Citrix solutions. Our handpicked team boasts 400+ years of technical experience and 150+ certifications, coupled with Account Managers who average over 15 years in technology solution sales. From Intelligent Workspace to Hybrid Multi-Cloud, we offer a tailored five-step approach: Assess, Stabilize, Standardize, Manage, and Innovate. Partner with us for deep expertise and a commitment to lasting, trust-based relationships that drive actual business outcomes.

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