Redefine EUC: Enhance Productivity Anywhere

Nutanix and Citrix ensure a secure, seamless Hybrid Multicloud End-User Computing solution, customized to your needs.

Citrix Runs on Nutanix

Nutanix and Citrix provide secure, scalable access to virtual apps and desktops on any device and location, leveraging a responsive hybrid multicloud platform.

Faster Time-to-Value

Deploy 2,000 Citrix Desktops swiftly with Nutanix Cloud Clusters. These Citrix-Ready solutions, compatible with NC2, facilitate business expansion and agility. They support portable and seamless operations across on-premises, edge, and public cloud environments.

Streamlined Per-User Pricing

Nutanix and Citrix simplify cost management with a clear per-user pricing structure. This system makes it easy to match infrastructure usage with End-User Computing models, allowing for straightforward calculation of comprehensive costs per user.

Exceptional ROI

Achieve a 123% ROI in under eight months with Citrix on Nutanix EUC solution. This solution offers exceptional returns, enabling IT organizations to begin on a smaller scale and expand as needed to support growth and adapt to changes.

Efficient User Scaling

Efficiently expand from hundreds to thousands of users with Citrix and Nutanix. This combination offers reliable user experiences and the versatility of a hybrid multicloud environment, adaptable across different geographic regions and transitioning seamlessly from on-premises to the cloud.

Why Alchemy?

Alchemy Technology Group maintains the highest level partnership for Citrix and Nutanix alike. Alchemy is the proud recipient of the 2022 Nutanix Momentum Partner of the Year and a 3 times Citrix Partner of the Year. The experience, expertise, and dedicated advisory service offerings have propelled Alchemy to one of the nation’s most trusted partners for Citrix and Nutanix deployments. Alchemy’s core solution areas include Modern Workspace, Cybersecurity, Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, and Application Development.
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Nutanix Partner & Champion Reseller | Alchemy Technology Group

Alchemy DaaS Workshop

This workshop focuses on enhancing IT systems with Desktop as a Service, focusing on integration, security, and user experience.

Assess, Advise, Design, Deploy, Manage, Staff

AIchemy's Value

Alchemy brings elite talent to service offerings that are designed to maximize value for our clients.


Alchemy can


We conduct thorough evaluations for Nutanix and Citrix implementations. Our process begins with an analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and a clear understanding of business objectives. The team then identifies how Nutanix and Citrix can improve and fit into the current system, focusing on effective scalability and security. This assessment forms the foundation for developing solutions that are not only technically robust but also closely aligned with the client’s strategic goals and operational needs.


Alchemy can


We can implement Nutanix and Citrix, focusing on precise configuration and deployment to meet business requirements. Their approach ensures Nutanix infrastructure and Citrix applications are smoothly integrated into clients’ IT systems. Key steps include hardware and software setup, system optimization, and providing essential training and support for a seamless transition. Alchemy aims to establish a reliable, scalable IT infrastructure that supports productivity and business goals.


Alchemy can


We provide support and management options for Nutanix and Citrix. Our team ensures seamless integration and optimal performance within your business infrastructure. We offer proactive management, addressing updates, troubleshooting, and technical support, focusing on system reliability and performance. This service is designed to keep Nutanix and Citrix solutions aligned with your business goals, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


Alchemy can


We can provide staffing options for Nutanix and Citrix environments, ensuring clients receive skilled IT professionals tailored to their needs. We focus on matching the specific requirements of these systems with capable talent who excel in managing and optimizing such environments. This targeted approach is key for maintaining efficient and high-performing IT infrastructures supported by knowledgeable personnel.

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Nutanix offers a streamlined, validated design for a scalable, secure Citrix DaaS hybrid cloud solution, simplifying deployment across Nutanix AHV and AWS.

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VDI and DaaS offer efficient solutions to traditional desktop delivery challenges, enhancing user experience, reducing cyber risks, and lowering IT operational costs.

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Why Nutanix?

In the dynamic world of IT, simplicity and efficiency are key. Nutanix leads the charge with its cutting-edge hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), breaking down traditional silos and merging compute, storage, and networking into one streamlined solution. This innovative approach simplifies your data center operations and seamlessly integrates diverse IT environments, making Nutanix an ideal partner for the complexities of the digital age.

Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) redefines your IT strategy. Starting with a robust HCI core, it unifies essential IT components, offering scalability and reliability to support your cloud-native applications. Tailored for your unique business needs, NCP empowers you to construct a flexible, efficient hybrid multicloud environment. It combines the agility of public clouds with the security of on-premises infrastructure, ensuring your IT infrastructure is not just operational but future-ready.

Step into the future with Nutanix and embrace a unified IT platform. Renowned for reducing complexities, Nutanix enables seamless management of applications and data across multiple clouds. With its globally trusted platform, Nutanix ensures efficient, cost-effective hybrid multicloud environments, focusing on your business growth and innovation. Discover the Nutanix difference today and revolutionize your IT landscape.

Why Nutanix for EUC?

Nutanix is a trusted name in the EUC solutions market, supporting millions of end users across thousands of customers globally. With over a decade of innovation, Nutanix was a trailblazer in the HCI space and quickly became a standout choice for EUC solutions. The platform is renowned for its ability to simplify and secure hybrid multicloud EUC operations, ensuring both end-user and business safety.

The advantages of choosing Nutanix EUC solutions are clear and impactful. Users experience enhanced productivity thanks to superior performance at scale, coupled with a staggering 97% faster provisioning time. Financially, the benefits are equally impressive: a $42.1 million net present value over three years and a quick payback period of just 8 months. This efficiency and cost-effectiveness make Nutanix a compelling choice for businesses looking to optimize their EUC operations.

What is Citrix?
Citrix is a technology company that provides software solutions to facilitate remote work and virtualization. They specialize in creating products and services for desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud computing. These offerings help organizations deliver applications and resources to users regardless of their location or device, enhancing flexibility and security. Citrix solutions are widely used for enabling remote access to desktops and applications, ensuring a consistent user experience while managing and securing data and applications in the cloud or on-premises.
Why Citrix for EUC?
Citrix is a strong choice for End-User Computing (EUC) because it offers a secure and flexible solution for accessing desktops and applications remotely. Their technology allows users to work from any location, on any device, while maintaining high levels of security and performance. This is particularly beneficial for organizations looking to support a mobile workforce or implement remote working policies. Citrix’s EUC solutions are known for their reliability and user-friendly interfaces, which contribute to higher productivity and satisfaction among end-users.
What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that hosts desktop environments on a centralized server, providing secure and scalable access to applications and resources. Ideal for remote workforce management, VDI enables businesses to offer employees a consistent user experience across devices, while maintaining control over data security and IT infrastructure. This solution is increasingly relevant for companies seeking efficient, cost-effective ways to support flexible work arrangements and ensure continuity in various operating environments. VDI is a key component in modern IT strategies, particularly for organizations prioritizing agility and security in their digital transformation journey.
What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is an innovative cloud computing service where a third-party provider hosts the back end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment. Offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, DaaS allows businesses to provide their workforce with access to virtual desktops from any location, using various devices. It’s particularly beneficial for companies with remote workers, as it simplifies management and enhances security. DaaS is a key solution for organizations looking to streamline their IT operations and support a modern, agile workforce in a secure and efficient manner.
What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines compute, networking, and storage into a single distributed platform deployed in clusters and powered by an intelligent software layer that can be deployed quickly, scaled seamlessly, and managed effortlessly. Separate tiers of servers, storage networks, and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacenter that easily scales with your business.

Is There a Difference Between ‘Converged’ and ‘Hyperconverged’ Infrastructure?

Converged Infrastructure (CI) offers a novel approach to acquiring traditional infrastructure, usually involving pre-integration by vendors or Systems Integrators. However, CI still relies on hardware-centric components and doesn’t address the organizational silos or issues inherent in traditional infrastructure.

On the other hand, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) revolutionizes infrastructure design, acquisition, deployment, management, and expansion. It operates on standard hardware with the core functionality embedded in software. HCI is built from scratch to automate laborious IT tasks, while offering deep insights and control over the system.

These architectures are fundamentally different, leading to significantly varied results in terms of business agility, application availability, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

How Exactly Does HCI Scale Easier Than Traditional Infrastructure?

HCI solutions, akin to public cloud services, allow IT teams to start with their current requirements and incrementally scale to match application needs exactly. HCI offers a seamless way to expand your infrastructure with modular units, aligning with your business’s growth. In contrast, traditional infrastructure requires each component to be individually tailored. Storage, for instance, is set up in large, complex arrays that can become less efficient as more applications are added. Once these arrays reach capacity, the only solution is to add another bulky array, which must be managed separately. This situation often forces IT teams to forecast needs for 3-5 years to avoid such complications.

What is a reseller?
A reseller is a company or individual that purchases products from manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors and then sells them to customers. Unlike a retailer who often sells to the end consumer, a reseller might sell to other businesses or consumers. Resellers often add value through additional services, expertise, or product bundling, catering to specific market segments or customer needs. Their role is crucial in the distribution chain, bridging the gap between producers and consumers or businesses.
What is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)?
A “Value-Added Reseller (VAR)” for SEO purposes is a business that not only sells products or software but also adds distinct features or services to enhance the original product, thereby increasing its overall value. This definition incorporates keywords essential for SEO, like “business,” “sells,” “products,” “software,” “features,” “services,” and “value,” ensuring better search engine visibility and relevance for audiences seeking enhanced IT solutions and customized services.
Why should I use a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)?

Using a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) provides expertise and custom solutions tailored to your specific business needs. VARs offer a combination of products and services, ensuring a more comprehensive solution than purchasing standard off-the-shelf products. They often have specialized knowledge in specific industries or technologies, which can lead to more efficient implementation and better post-sale support. This approach can save time and resources, allowing for a more efficient and effective integration of new technology into your business operations.