Workplace from Meta

An easy-to-use platform that connects everyone within an organization.

Workplace uses secure and mobile-friendly features like video calling, messaging and groups. It’s simple to deploy and integrates with the other tools you already use to get work done.

Why workplace from Meta?

Because it's time to turn your company into a community.

Download our “Customer Stories” guide and learn how 14 different companies from different verticals adopted Workplace and impacted their work culture. Whether its connecting hybrid and remote teams, reducing attrition, or eliminating email fatigue – see how Workplace from Meta is more than just a business communications platform. Top brands like Delta Airlines and Starbucks to small and medium businesses are using Workplace – check out how it can empower yours.

Workplace is transforming communication.

Create immersive content & measure its performance:

  • Easy to use content formats to match your audience and message
  • Rich experiences for “live” or  “on demand” content like static information across devices
  • Deep insights to improve your comms

Reach the right people, where they are:

  • Access for everyone in the company, from the CEO to the frontline
  • Get the right message across to your audience
  • Measure people’s responses and feedback
  • Mobile-first platform

Engage in two-way dialogue with your community:

  • Powerful automatic translations on post and video spread the message to employees
  • Two-way dialogue allows for instant feedback and action
  • Build community & promote well-being
  • Moderation capabilities keep your community safe and respectful

Watch this video to learn more about Workplace from Meta.

Why Workplace for HR?


Get new starters up to speed in record time with easy ways to find information, ask questions and work together.


Using Workplace as your centralized learning hub can deliver an 18% increase in training efficiency thanks to mobile-first tools that can be accessed anywhere.


Happy employees are 12% more productive. Workplace helps you build a culture of celebration, with simple ways to share thanks and recognition for hard work.

Why Workplace for Comms?

Executive Visibility

Employees want more open and visible leaders. 83% of customers agree that Workplace enables more leadership communication, while 68% say it allows more transparency on executive decisions.

Employee Engagement

91% of customers agree that Workplace helps create more engaging communica-tions, transforming people’s ability to start conversations and work together.

Company Culture

Bring your culture to life on Workplace by creating community and celebrating the people who make up your company.

Why Workplace for IT?


Workplace’s features are already familiar to people around the world so it’s easy to pick up and use. That’s why we see industry-leading adoption rates among customers.


Workplace will be part of a fully interoper-able tech stack that maximizes ROI across your entire enterprise suite.


Workplace data is kept separate from Meta. But you’ll still benefit from the investments in security and infrastructure that protect nearly 3bn people around the world.

Why Workplace for Deskless Workers?


Over 2.5 billion people use Meta every month. Because Workplace has all the same great features, people already know how to use it. That means fewer costly training sessions and higher levels of adoption.


We know how to make mobile tools that people keep coming back to every single day.


Workplace reduces the time it takes for information to reach frontline employ-ees by 34%, while frontline feedback gets to management 21% faster(1).
Source: Forrester, ‘Total Economic Impact of Workplace Report’, 2019

Why Workplace for Large Companies?


Workplace has the same great features as Meta, which means fewer costly training sessions and higher levels of adoption.


Transform your communications by connecting with the entire company and giving everybody a voice.


Protecting your company data is the number one priority. Workplace has thousands of engineers and over a dozen data centers dedicated to keeping your information safe.

Why Workplace for Remote Workers?


With the same great features as Meta, Workplace is a one-stop solution for your remote working needs.


Workplace has the tools you need to keep your employees in touch with each other and up to speed with your company news and decisions.


Workplace lets you connect effortlessly with coworkers or partners, and keeps projects on track with mobile-friendly collaboration tools.