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What’s New with Citrix NetScaler 12.0 and NetScaler MAS 12.0 Walkthrough

The CUGC Networking Special Interest Group and Healthcare Special Interest Group did a joint webinar covering NetScaler Use Cases in Healthcare + NetScaler and NMAS 12.0 features. Dan Schlimme covered the Healthcare portion of the webinar and Dave Brett(CTP) and myself covered the 12.0 release with Carsten Bruns (CTA) fielding the audience questions in the second half.

Dave and I ran a marathon with 54 slides covering both NetScaler 12.0 and NetScaler MAS 12.0 (Management and Analytics System) firmware releases. We covered new features for both as well as known issues and workarounds we recommend. Lastly we covered what’s coming up in the next 12.0 build and some sessions you can attend at Citrix Synergy 2017 in Orlando where these features will be showcased. We had several hundred live attendees from all over the globe on the webinar and you can watch the recording or download the .mp4 video at the link below. The 12.0 features begin at the 36:55 mark:

If you’d like to be a member of either SIG and get notifications on upcoming webinars, you can sign up here:

Networking SIG:

Healthcare SIG:

And if you’re headed to Synergy, make sure to register for the CTP hosted sessions. Fellow CTP Bas van Kaam has a list of CTP led sessions here:

See you there!

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