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How to securely deliver the ultimate user experience, from anywhere

July 28th – In case you missed the live event, you can access the content below. 

Challenges: IT organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges in 2021. User expectations have never been higher, the attack climate is the most sophisticated and aggressive we’ve ever seen, empowering employees to be productive from literally anywhere is a prerequisite, and utilizing as much of the existing stack as possible is a necessity to stay within tight budgets. All this while under pressure to be a transformational contributor to the business goals.

Alchemy’s Solution: A collection of best in class technologies that work together to help the modern enterprise meet these unprecedented demands including: Citrix, IGEL, Numecent, NVIDIA, ControlUp


10-10:10am: Alchemy – How this collection of technologies work together to deliver the best, most secure desktop experience. 

10:10-10:35am: IGEL – How to provide secure, easy to manage access into Citrix workspace leveraging IGEL’s read only EDGE OS. 

10:35-11am: Citrix –Citrix Workspace provides the apps and solutions that your employees need, while offering predictive analytics, security and ease of management within a centralized console.

11:00-11:25am: Numecent – Modernize your environment with Cloudpaging to deliver modern and legacy applications alike to users anytime and anywhere.

11:25-11:50am: NVIDIA – How vGPU enables businesses to increase productivity and deliver the best end-user experience – especially with your most demanding workloads.

11:50-12:15pm: ControlUP – Real time monitoring of all of your devices, regardless of location (on-prem, cloud, virtual or physical) so you can take proactive actions to ensure an optimized end user experience.