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Alchemy Solution Summit: Protecting the Modern Workspace

About this virtual event

In this virtual solution summit, we took attendees on a journey from an adversarial point of view to learn how to defend through each stage of different simulated attacks. Leading security solutions explained how their best in class technology can protect your business and stop any hacker’s attempts to expose your organization’s assets. 

Watch the videos below to hear from different industry experts on why and how their technologies contribute to protecting the modern workspace.


  • Intro to our Hacker – Alchemy sets the stage for this simulated attack and how a comprehensive solutions works to protect your business. 
  • Okta – Where do hackers usually start? At the people or identity layer of course. Hackers will almost always target your employees first to gain access so so watch this to learn how OKTA, using single sign-on and multi-factor, can help stop a hack before it ever begins.
  • BeyondTrust – BeyondTrust discusses how they enable you to shift from a reactive to preventative approach to protect service and elevated accounts.
  • SecurEnds – SecurEnds discusses how to complete your identity protection strategy through governance and administration.
  • ProofPoint – ProofPoint shows the latest methods to defend against email compromise attempts, followed by a look at internal control mechanisms to protect against insider threats.
  • Fortinet – Fortinet presents at the Alchemy Protect Solution Summit on endpoint and network protections including EDR, next gen firewall and mobile device strategies.
  • Advanced Cyber Security Measures – Alchemy’s Doug Lind completes the story by showing some advanced information protection concepts that extend protection capabilities no matter where your data lives.
  • Cyber Security Panel – Several of Alchemy Tech Group’s Cyber Security experts sit on a panel to discuss relevant topics and best practices when confronting cyber threats.