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Together, Ivanti and Alchemy help organizations provide the best contextual user experience while increasing productivity and security.

Why Ivanti?

As an Ivanti Platinum Expert Solution Provider (ESP), we know first hand the power of Ivanti in improving user experience, increasing security and empowering IT to manage and report on every device in production. Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Manager Suite allows IT departments to deliver a seamless personalized experience, manage all the endpoints from a single console, reduce login times and improve user productivity to meet the demands of the business.

Benefits of Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager

Why Alchemy?

At Alchemy Technology Group we strive to bring a level of expertise and effort that is truly transformative to our customers’ business. We build lasting relationships and an unbreakable trust with our customers.

Alchemy and Ivanti have a unique history that gives Alchemy an advantage in helping our customers with Ivanti deployments. Many of the core Alchemists spent years refining their end user computing expertise while at Appsense. Appsense was later acquired by Ivanti leaving Alchemy with a breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise delivering Ivanti solutions.

Our People

Our team has been hand selected from industry leaders in the partner, vendor and customer community. The resulting empathy, experience and expertise fuels the perspective required to create transformative business outcomes. Whether you’re looking to improve logon times, execute a Windows10 migration or make a VDI project successful, Alchemy’s experience getting the true value out of Ivanti’s powerful technology is what sets our team apart.

Alchemy's Ivanti Systems Management and Workspace Security Services

  • Appsense
  • Environment Manager
  • File Director
  • Patch for Windows
  • Performance Manager
  • Shavlik
  • User Privilege Management
  • Application Whitelisting and Application Control

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Ivanti and Alchemy

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Alchemy and Ivanti

Resources and Downloads

Data Sheet

What you need to know about Unified Endpoint Management.

Alchemy's Experience Practice

Learn more about Alchemy's Experience Practice focused on End-User Computing, Next-Generation Virtualization and Platform Management.

The Ivanti, Alchemy Partnership

Alchemy Partner, Michael Quirin, discusses why Ivanti is so strategic for Alchemy and their customers.

Ivanti Health Check

Ensure your environment is optimized and secure.

Pain-free Migrations

Ivanti Will Make Your Migration Successful, and Easy.

Learn how Ivanti can help you make sure your Windows 10 migration is successful. Download this white paper to avoid unexpected downtime, missing user profiles or incompatibility between applications when you migrate.

Ivanti can help you:

  • Assess the current workspace to identify trouble spots pre migration
  • Deliver existing experience on-demand to new Windows 10 workspaces
  • Sync files and folders to cloud or on-premise data storage with ease
  • Use Trust Ownership to make the Windows 10 endpoints more secure

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