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Alchemy partners with Workplace from Meta to help customers transform the worker experience.

Alchemy Technology Group, an industry-leading IT advisory, consulting and reseller firm, announces the partnership with Workplace from Facebook, the enterprise communication platform that leverages Facebook’s familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms and Live video broadcasting to keep the workforce connected. This partnership further enables Alchemy in their pursuit to help customers leverage technology to achieve transformational business outcomes.

Now that remote work has become a standard for which all companies must account, the ability to securely communicate, collaborate and connect with co-workers remains a critical concern for all organizations. Workplace from Facebook provides a familiar and easy-to-use platform that enables entire organizations to connect, regardless of how spread out the workforce is geographically.

Alchemy, with their expertise in virtualization, security and end-user experience, was able to help many organizations meet the challenge of transitioning to a remote workforce and they continue to evolve their ability to help companies thrive in the remote model.

“At first, the priorities were simple – how do we provide access to work critical applications securely to minimize business interruption. Now the demand has evolved to – how do we maintain productivity while building or sustaining our values around culture and community in a hybrid work environment.  Like the platform from which it was derived, this tool is designed to build communities and we’re very excited to be partnering with Workplace from Facebook so we can help our customers transform how they communicate and create connection within their organizations.” Travis Graham, Alchemy Technology Group Partner and Co-CEO.

Workplace from Facebook does more than just keep the remote worker connected, it transforms how organizations can leverage communication to build community, foster culture and bring a company together. One of the compelling use cases for this platform is that it allows frontline employees who don’t have access to technology or sometimes even an email address, connect to the rest of the company and have a voice.

“Imagine a CEO having the ability to engage workers on the front lines with real time interaction. That’s powerful. Not just for the workers to stay to connected, but for the CEO to solicit real feedback that impacts business decisions and culture in a meaningful way.” Doug Lind, Alchemy Technology Group Practice Principal

“We are very excited about what this partnership means for our mutual customers. As the past two years have shown us, organizations are looking for ways to build out a sense of engagement and community within their organizations, along with their customers and partners, regardless of their size or industry,” says Ernesto Tey, Global Director of Ecosystem and Partnerships at Workplace from Facebook. “Alchemy’s proven methodologies, technical expertise and commitment to customer success, paired with Workplace’s robust technology, will allow organizations to improve their overall employee experience by creating meaningful communities, regardless of where or how they choose to work.“

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Alchemist: Doug Lind

Practice Principal