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Technology Truths: Insight from the Experts on the Front Lines Webinar Series

This 3-part webinar series diagnoses real time challenges facing IT leaders, how organizations are responding and what priorities are being established as we move forward as an industry. Led by Alchemists, and inspired by real world customer feedback, these discussions are void of promotions, product pitches and marketing speak.

Episode 1: Automation: The Future is Now

Organizations listed automation as a future roadmap item prior to COVID-19, but that future is here now. The road to recovery will rely on refactoring our current business processes and discovering better tools and techniques to drive efficiency. Simply put, organizations that embrace automation will outperform those that don’t. This webinar discusses three main areas of automation, how to start quickly and how to provide a blueprint for rapid results.

Episode 2: Compliance vs Security

Compliance doesn’t equal security, but both are paramount to a successful Information Security Program.  In this webinar, we discuss various ways to attain both objectives AND meet the demands of the business in the current landscape. We cover topics such as zero trust, user-centric protections and borderless security concepts that can help you protect your business, even in a post pandemic world.

Episode 3: Remote Work: Our New Reality

The new reality is that a large percentage of staff/users will leverage Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms and IT teams will continue to be focused heavily on the management, delivery and monitoring of those solutions. Leadership wants to understand how those services are adopted while ensuring that the user experience does not suffer. The new reality of “anytime, anywhere, any device” has drastically changed the IT landscape and a formal strategy will help provide a backdrop to extend corporate administration, distribution and observation for staff. In this video, we explain the framework for a successful remote work solution.