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Navigating the Next Chapter in EUC

This week, the end-user compute (EUC) landscape is buzzing with the breaking news of VMware’s EUC division transitioning to new ownership. KKR, a renowned global private equity firm based in New York, has stepped up with a whopping $3.8 billion investment. KKR’s portfolio, boasting names like Barracuda, BMC, Cloudera, KnowBe4, ReliaQuest, and Semperis, adds another feather to its cap with this acquisition. However, let’s navigate through the excitement with a dose of reality: regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions are still pending, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the EUC sector.

Deal Details

CRN’s insightful article, “KKR’s $3.8B Rescue Of Broadcom’s VMware EUC Business: 5 Things To Know,” sheds light on crucial aspects of this acquisition:

  1. Investment in Innovation: KKR aims to bolster R&D and nurture talent within the EUC Division.
  2. Transition to Independence: Post-acquisition, the EUC Division is set to emerge as a standalone entity.
  3. A Catalyst for Creativity: KKR’s strategy focuses on propelling VMware’s EUC to the forefront of innovation.
  4. New Partnerships and Opportunities: This move could usher in fresh collaborations and re-employment prospects for EUC experts.
  5. Leadership Continuity: The existing management team will remain, ensuring a seamless transition.

While these developments paint a hopeful picture for VMware’s EUC Division, several questions linger, ranging from the new entity’s relationship with VMware to the future of VMware Horizon customers. The timeline for these answers remains undefined, leaving EUC customers in a state of anticipation.

Alchemy’s Vision: Crafting Future-Ready Workspace Strategies

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Final Thoughts: Navigating Uncertainty with Confidence

While VMware’s EUC division faces a future filled with potential, uncertainties are part of the equation. The possibility of deal disruptions cannot be overlooked. In these times, passive waiting isn’t a viable strategy for enterprise IT organizations. Understanding the spectrum of options and having a proactive plan is crucial. Alchemy is here to assist you in finding a path that aligns with your business objectives and prepares you for a transformative EUC strategy.

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Alchemist: Jason Willis

Practice Principal - Experience