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Strengthening Your AD Security: An In-Depth Look at Purple Knight by Semperis

In today’s digital realm, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is often equated to the backbone of enterprise organizations, seamlessly linking users with resources and safeguarding our vast digital kingdoms. However, the inherent importance of AD also makes it a prime target for cyberattackers. In fact, nine (9) out of 10 attacks exploit AD, the core identity system for most organizations. But what if there was a knight ready to defend your AD fortress? Enter Semperis’s Purple Knight.

Blog: Semperis Purple Knight | Alchemy Technology Group

AD: Guarding against Intrusion

AD is the frontline defense for identity and network management in Windows systems. It’s crucial for regulating user access, securing devices, and maintaining order. Imagine it as a vigilant gatekeeper, validating identities and managing permissions. In a potential hack, this gatekeeper is what stands between attackers and unrestricted access to network resources. Without it, your network is a free-for-all, vulnerable to security breaches.

Understanding the AD Threat Landscape

For the uninitiated, AD is the core identity store for 90% of enterprises globally. It acts as the central hub, managing identities and ensuring appropriate access. Yet, vulnerabilities within AD can provide attackers with almost unbridled access to a company’s network and resources. Recent statistics underscore the magnitude of this threat:

  • A staggering 90% of cyber attacks involve AD. (Mandiant Researchers Report)
  • 88% of customers affected by security incidents were found to have an “insecure AD configuration.” (Microsoft Digital Defense Report)
  • Alarmingly, attackers can begin lateral movements in just one (1) hour and 42 minutes post-device compromise. (Microsoft Digital Defense Report)

What if you could uncover potential threats in your environments by comprehensively analyzing your AD security score? Semperis’s Purple Knight is a free security assessment tool to fortify your data security and resilience against cyber threats.

Semperis and Their Knight in Digital Armor

Semperis, an industry leader in identity-driven cyber resilience, saw these challenges and responded by creating Purple Knight. Designed as a community tool, Purple Knight is an AD security assessment instrument that spots vulnerabilities not just in AD but also in Azure AD (now known as Entra ID) and Okta.

The core features of Purple Knight are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Scans: Purple Knight can quickly scan your on-premises AD, Azure AD, and Okta, providing a security score based on indicators across seven (7) distinct categories.
  2. Expert Guidance: Following its assessment, Purple Knight delivers prioritized, expert advice to systematically rectify vulnerabilities, including outdated admin passwords or inactive enabled admin accounts.
  3. Ongoing Validation: The tool’s security audit can be periodically run, ensuring consistent protection against potential misconfigurations that might degrade AD security over time.

Blog: Semperis Purple Knight | Alchemy Technology Group

Defend with Data

With 10,000+ downloads and counting, Purple Knight is already at the forefront, helping enterprises worldwide to “Find their AD security gaps before attackers do.” The tool identifies over 150 indicators of exposure (IoEs) and indicators of compromise (IoCs), shedding light on risky configurations and potential ongoing cyber threats.

Blog: Semperis Purple Knight | Alchemy Technology Group


In a realm where AD misconfigurations can grant cybercriminals almost unrestricted dominion over an entire infrastructure, tools like Purple Knight by Semperis are not just beneficial—they’re essential. As cyber threats continue to evolve, so should our defenses. Ensure your organization’s digital fortress remains impenetrable by enlisting the services of this mighty knight in shining armor.

Learn More

Fortify your Active Directory with Purple Knight:

  • Learn More: Dive into how Purple Knight safeguards against vulnerabilities.
  • Download: Equip your network now and be a step ahead of cyber threats.

Why Alchemy Technology Group Partners with Semperis

Alchemy Technology Group, a trusted advisor in IT solutions, chooses to partner with Semperis due to its mission to stop cyber criminals and curb the funding of evil. Alchemy recognizes Semperis as cybersecurity leaders and Active Directory (AD) experts, and they know that identity-first security is the key to operational resilience. Semperis’s consistent delivery of an Identity Resilience Platform makes it an ideal partner for Alchemy, aligning with its commitment to providing customers with superior IT security solutions.

To learn more, visit the Semperis website and watch a great video HERE.



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