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Okta North America Partner of the Year 2019

Alchemy Wins Okta North America Partner of the Year 2019

[Houston, TX] – <April 1, 2019> Alchemy Technology Group was honored to accept the North America Partner of the Year award from their friends at Okta during the 2019 Oktane conference.

“Alchemy’s partnership with Okta has allowed our organization to deliver value enabling solutions to customers, creating transformative business outcomes. Having Okta recognize Alchemy as The North American Partner of the Year certifies our commitment to sales, marketing and technical enablement creating a beneficial value proposition between our organizations. As the paradigm shift towards borderless IT continues, the Okta Identity Cloud remains the premier platform to connect people and technology. Our sales and technical teams remain committed to delivering on the trust based partnership we have established with Okta.” Jarel Hall, CTO 

Alchemist: Wes D.