Jarrett B.

Practice Architect

Jarrett is technical architect and developer with a rich background in business strategy and process optimization. With over 18 years of technical experience, spanning most aspects of technology and business, Jarrett is uniquely positioned to help organizations design, implement, secure and transform technical and business applications and processes.

From leadership to development, architecture to quality assurance, on-premises to cloud designs, all with a deep understanding of industry best practices, Jarrett has successfully delivered fo

r clients. For the last 12 years, Jarrett has spent his time consulting with companies around the globe to design, build, train, deploy, manage, and secure their systems.

Jarrett holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering with an Electrical Specialty and a background in Mechanical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in IT Project Management from Western Governors University, and a Masters of Science in Management in Leadership from Western Governors University. He is currently working on a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration – Accounting from Western Governors University. In addition to this, Jarrett holds several technical certifications around Okta, IT Service Management, and Business Administration.

When he’s not working, Jarrett spends his time reading, shooting pool, riding his motorcycle, or enjoying the Arizona sunshine.

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