Secure affiliate access, with ease.

Leveraging Okta and Citrix, our engineers have designed a solution allowing organizations to grant secure access to affiliate users at the speed of business.

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Use Cases

  • Provide true day 1 access and integration for business M&A strategies
  • Secure the supply chain by building security into your affiliate, vendor and contractor access strategies from the ground up to ensure protection of your network and resources
  • Single click, secure EMR access extended to your Community Connect Program with single sign on!
  • Provide single sign on and multi-factor beyond your immediate employee base and automate the identity creation
  • Save time and money without the need for circuit costs or waiting on the ISP to schedule your circuit install
  • Enhance your security posture and extend access without the need for traditional VPN tunnels or domain trusts

How it Works

Using the power of Citrix, Okta and Org-to-Org federation concepts, a user validates their credentials locally and securely passes a SAML token into the host application. Citrix consumes the token from Okta and translates it back into a windows credential. Full SSO into the application is provided to the affiliate user without ever passing credentials over the network.

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